initial thoughts

I created this blog separate from my tumblr because I find the tumblr system to be too casual, too easily corrupted by abusive people, and to have too short a collective attention span.

my purpose with this blog is to explore goddess worship from a lesbian-feminist and radical-feminist perspective.

I have seen many of my feminist cohorts lured into Wicca or Wicca-esque religions and practices, and it upsets me. these and other pagan religions are patriarchal in nature. they are patriarchal in structure. they do not exist for the benefit of the women who come to them. they subjugate their goddess/es and call that subjugation “egalitarian.” they exploit everyone’s ignorance of world history by lying about their own origins and development, but in the end this exploitation harms the women in their ranks worst of all.

radical feminists, lesbian or not, deserve more than the whittled-down leavings of charlatans like Gerald Gardner and Alex Sanders. they deserve more than the racism and misogyny inherent in “reconstructed” versions of ancient religions (often reconstructed from thin air — often reconstructions of religions which left nothing behind to legitimately reconstruct). they deserve more than the woman-hating Holy Trinity repackaged to look sexy and fun and progressive.

I am here to embrace woman-centered, goddess-centered worship. I write this blog to explore what it means to worship Goddess exclusively, as a woman in a woman-hating world. I hope to connect with others who feel the same pull towards goddess worship, to learn from them, and to perhaps share a path, at least for a little while.

I want to provide a source for women unsatisfied with the array of male-identified options available, because I am one of those women.

I have chosen the term “goddessian” to describe myself. I may or may not keep it. I chose it because it is a relatively new term, unhampered by generations of co-opting by men, and because it was created by female goddess-worshippers as a feminist, space-claiming term to oppose invisibility.


7 thoughts on “initial thoughts

  1. A

    I sincerely hope that you will continue with this ‘project’. It is sorely necessary and I think that there are many (like me) who secretly search for something like this but lack the skills and the time to develop it ourselves.

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    1. goddessian Post author

      thank you so much for your supportive words! I am ecstatic to know that others out there are drawn to this path.

      I admit I’ve been slightly stuck since I made my first post… I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish, but I’m less clear about exactly how to accomplish it. I am still working on it, though, and will make another post soon about what I’ve been up to.

      oh, and please do share your thoughts and ideas — seeking the Goddess should be a communal effort!


  2. A

    Thank you for responding! Being stuck is entirely normal I think, when you’re trying to break new ground 🙂

    I don’t have much more than vague feelings – I lean more polytheist myself, so I really like the idea of a goddess-only pantheon but I think there’s a real need for the Goddess too, for unity. The things that have put me off in other paths/spiritualities is that they tend to focus a lot on fertility and the earth which nearly always becomes either really sexualized or really focused on the body (menstruation, the womb, that whole three phases of life thing, etc). I mean, these things are important, but when those things are the whole of your religion…….
    I feel like the Goddess would be extremely diverse and take on so many more roles than the literally three I’ve seen. I’ve never seen a love goddess aspect that’s lesbian in any way, or butch/”gnc” goddesses of any kind, for example.

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    1. goddessian Post author

      I love what you’re saying! part of the reason I am not a fan of the maiden/mother/crone trinity is that each “face” of the goddess casts her in relation to her reproductive viability. and we’re meant to find our own meaning by identifying neatly with one or the other face, depending on OUR reproductive viability. (how shocking that this concept was invented by a man!) this is Patriarchy 101, but is regularly sold to feminists as enlightenment.

      I see Goddess as being many things to many women, perhaps having infinite faces for those who seek her. there is no wrong way to be a female person, so it should go without saying that there is no wrong way to be a female divine.

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      1. A

        Exactly! It’s sad that pretty much every iteration of Goddess religion or spirituality end up being focused on reproduction. People have trouble not couching the Goddess in sexual terms because of what meaning that word has had and still has.

        I agree wholeheartedly. Though I’m personally wary of sourcing the Goddess too much in human experience (because of what that has usually lead to), I think that it’s probably the only way to start. But whenever I try to imagine her, I get that feeling that she’s so deep, and so full of mystery that she’s beyond anything we can currently imagine…..though that probably has a lot to do with our cultural limitations, but I think you know what I mean.

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  3. wemarriage

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am 55 and have been a GODDESSIAN for over 35 years. There was one Goddess only circle when I started so many years ago. I have created several. I ended up in Pagan/Wicca because….well….they were the only game in town. This blog is very needed. We need women only circles everywhere.



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